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July 22, 2019

 (As published in OX Homes, Summer 2019 Issue)

Glass, has for millennia been seen to be a luxury item and one that epitomises the idea of high technology. A natural form of volcanic glass known as obsidian was first used by humans as far back as the stone age. Like modern glass, it is brittle and fractures with very sharp edges, ideal for making tools for cutting and piercing. It was valuable, and extensively traded. Around 250...

May 9, 2019

Accoya wood is one of those inspirational materials that one stumbles upon and then constantly looks for opportunities to use it. The first time I encountered Accoya was at an in-office CPD seminar arranged by their UK rep, at least 12 years ago. I remember the hour long session vividly. Being a lover of all things scientific the technology engaged me. Accoya wood is carefully selected pine, (Pinus Radiata I seem to recall), t...

May 6, 2019


Located in the Oxfordshire village of Clanfield, the double Dutch barn is to be converted to a high quality rural residence.

Externally the 1950's steel frame is to be fully exposed after being shotblasted and protected with a lanolin coating. Timber cladding will replace the existing profiled metal wall linings.

The 'high barn' is to be stripped of all cladding and left exposed...

December 20, 2018


 A fascinating application of fuel cell technology for domestic heating and power generation. We prepared the above illustration to support our article soon to be published in OX Homes. It tries to make sense of how methane fuelled hydrogen fuel cell boilers may become a familiar reality.

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