Following a lengthy period of pre-application discussions with

West Oxfordshire District Council, this application for a replacement dwelling on a prominent site in Woodstock was approved by planning


The 12m wide plot sits between much older buildings on an elevated

site, on the brow of a bend on the main road between Oxford and



The infill dwelling takes characteristics of the surrounding buildings both

in form and texture, and re-presents them using more contemporary techniques of expression and construction. The predominantly vertical rhythm is continued by dividing the building into two taller pieces, each separated from its neighbour by full height strips of vertical glazing.

The inclusion of a chimney and slate mansard roof ensures that the fundamental elements of the roofscape remain continuous. The two

primary volumes continue all the way through the site and re-express themselves more informally on the rear elevation. The glazed gaps also continue to the rear and privacy screens to the side ensure that the

amenity of neighbouring properties is maintained.

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61 Oxford






Woodstock, Oxfordshire



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